Why NHL relocation is looking to Seattle

Does it seem strange to anyone that Seattle is being touted as the #1 landing spot for the Phoenix Coyotes? There is an arena plan, but no actual arena or plan to build it. There is a potential NBA co-tenant, but likely no plans for further basketball relocation/expansion discussion until David Stern retires. The question doesn’t really center on whether Seattle can support an NHL team or not, but rather, why now? As we speak, Quebec City is building a hockey arena. You can literally watch them pour every ounce of concrete on one of the city’s three arena construction … Continue reading Why NHL relocation is looking to Seattle

The sad state of the Seattle sports scene

OK, I’ve lived in Seattle five years now. Moving down from Canada, I was excited to have regular access to professional sports entertainment. Sorry, watching CFL playoffs in -30C weather just doesn’t cut it for me. Little did I know, however, that I was stepping into a perfect storm of bad sports karma in the Emerald city. This was not just one lovable losing team like the Cubs or a couple of down seasons from teams that have tasted greatness (e.g., Philly, Cleveland, San francisco). No, it was simultaneously bad performances from multiple teams against a tapestry of losing weaved … Continue reading The sad state of the Seattle sports scene